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Hiking in the Norwegian Mountains The Inner Dialogue of a Non-Trekker

Or, How the Norwegians tried to kill me and I never felt more alive!

10,000 years ago (sorry creationists) the Ice Age ended and the hunter-gatherer societies living on the edge of the ice in the Northern European regions were free to frolic into what is today known as Norway. After chasing reindeers for a while, they eventually settled in areas along the coast, but they couldn’t be held down! They hit the ground ... more
By Layal
Xriss Jor Singing At Last by Etta James For the 2Famous.TV Radio
After winning Dubai Music Week, Xriss Jor and her brand new puppy Molly, rushed straight to the 2Famous.TV Radio Studio to announce that not only has she signed a deal with Quincy Jones to produce her first single, but to also drop the news that she was just signed with a management company! Not to mention she's on a first name basis with Will.I.Am... more
By 2famousTV
Try This: Be a Birthday Weirdo Without a Plan

No friends, no money, no problem!

Let's just say I don't mind getting experimental when it comes to my birthday. I love parties, I love my friends, and I love a fabulous dinner with a banging cake at the end just like the next person. But I don't require it and that has left me a lot of room to get all weird and random on my special day. Because in the end, all I really ... more
By Adrian
Lebanese Chiptune Artist Rhea Dally Performs A Song on her Gameboy

In a brand new Avant-Gard-one-take music video!

Rhea Dally graced our 2Famous.TV Radio show on Friday for an interview and the kind of performance we weren't expecting. ... more
By 2famousTV
The Book of Jezebel -The only book you'll ever need.
Laaaaadies! In the all important realm of being a female and femaleness, finally comes the handbook on all things amazing and essential and femme power related. "The Book of Jezebel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Lady Things," is now available f... more
By Meghan O.
Live Radio Today w/ Guests Xriss Jor, Rhea Dally, Talar Demirdjian

New music from Leb and how to donate to refugees

Today's show is jam packed with intergalactic star power! Drop by Radio Beirut from 6-7 for discounted drinks and bring your autograph book, Matias and Adrian have some celebrities in the studio. Or listen from remote locations LIVE online at Joining u... more
By Adrian
Saving Lebanon One Tooth at the Time The Dental Awareness Campaign!

How one man can change the world for hundreds of children!

Like any dentist operating in Lebanon Abdalla Kassem noticed there are a lot of children who don't receive proper dental care, let alone proper information regarding their dental hygiene. But unlike most dentists he decided to do something about it. Kassem created the Dental Awareness Campaign to highlight the issue and educate kids in Lebanon a... more
By @mrmatias
6 Ways to Cook With Basil

-Before the end of season!

Basil grows really well on Beirut rooftops. Last week our friend Michel Nabti had us over for dinner cooking nothing short of Korean pancakes, BBQ'ed chicken, and Thai cucumber salad. [caption id="attachment_17022" align="alignright" wi... more
By Adrian
Hyaluronic Acid -What it is and why you need it now!
In the words of, "Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally present in the human body. It is found in the highest concentrations in fluids in the eyes and joints. The hyaluronic acid that is used as medicine is extracted from rooster combs or made by bacteria in the laboratory. People take hyaluronic acid for various joint diso... more
By Meghan O.
Norwegian Wood Or How to Polish it with Olive Oil --Home Hacks from the Middle East--

Chronicles of the Unofficial Ambassador of Lebanon to Norway

I’ve decided that I am the Ambassador of Lebanon to Norway. It’s not a title formally recognized by either government, but I take my job seriously nonetheless. Rather than start with more daunting tasks like promoting climate change to make this place a little warmer (a conservative government won elections recently and I may have already been... more
By Layal
A New Career Path, Perhaps? My Breakout Role Dubbing a Chinese Movie

-I landed the starring female lead in a Chinese action movie!

I’m almost 25 everybody, it's a subject we've discussed before. The world is at my fingertips despite my bank account almost plummeting to 0. But that's ok! Every graduation speech and every tidbit of advice from old successfuls is to ... more
By Adrian
HELP! I'm Turning Into Rapunzel. A Not-So-Fortuitous Tale of Long Hair
I've been frying and dying my hair since I was a wee lass of only 13 years, along with countless haircuts. The last few years I've played it relatively safe. Only a trim when the ends are split, a touch up to roots, and that's about it. My hair is now 56 centimeters long and it's a mutha-fuckin-pain-in-the-ass to take care of. I can't even find re... more
By Meghan O.
Hip Hop Essentials 101 Open Mic Session At Radio Beirut

– Every MC here has something important to say, Assasi Nun Fuse, Syrian MC.

Every Monday night for the last six months MCs, DJs, Rappers and freestylers gather at Radio Beirut to compare skills, flow, and vocabulary in a regulated open mic session. The event is hosted by Double A the Preacherman, who will keep on free-styling on his own until someone else gets the guts to step up and make up rhymes on the go to DJ Satousou... more
By @mrmatias
Something's Cooking in Beirut With Johnny Farah at LUX

Named the #5 Most Dangerous Food Destination in the World by USA Today!

Whether you're swirling around the fashion world or the food world, you're bound to run into Johnny Farah. He's legendarily known as a luxury handbag designer from Lebanon who started the first boutique shop in Soho decades ago. He 'discovered' Donna Karen, and was interviewed twice by Andy Warhol. And right now he's exhibiting his latest collecti... more
By Adrian
Become A Phantom Pooper

With This Spray! Yes, this is a thing. It is very real, I assure you. Meet Poo-Pourri. Coming in at over 20 scents for men, women, children, pets, shoes and festive holiday versions and over 4 million bottles of the stuff sold, Poo-Pourri has been making... more
By Meghan O.
The Downside of Being an Expat Is When All Your Friends Go Home
In the past three months I've deleted three of the four top contacts in my "Recent Calls' list. I've either cooked the 'last meal' or walked somewhere to partake in a final drink or bite to eat for someone else. I've even added a bunch of new cool stuff to my house, becoming a scavenger of sorts, by accumulating the possessions of those who will no... more
By Adrian
We found Aliens, a cure for cancer and world peace!

– a roundup of week 38

I've tried to dodge the headlines in my previous roundups, basically to put the focus on myself, but this week has been so fruitful that even I believe that there are more important things in the world than me! (At least to you). Not only did the Britons ... more
By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
SO, I'M MOVING FOR LOVE Who knew I had so much stuff!
4.5 years, that's how long it's been since my last adventure started. Alone, without a plan, and vaguely knowledgeable about the foreign place, my birthplace, which seeped its way into my American life through weekly trips to the Arabic grocery store, Sunday's spent at the local Maronite church in Orange County and a regular diet of yakhne's (stews... more
By Layal
Wanton Rocks the Park, While The Incompetents are too Wicked for the masses!

Wicker Park: A Festival for both hot birds and music nerds

This past weekend, the 3rd annual Wickerpark Music festival took place on the shores of the turquoise beaches of Batroun. The festival is a yearly showcase of some of the top acts in Lebanese rock n roll, which seeks to promote Lebanese music along with environmental causes. While many festivals in Lebanon have been cancelled in recent weeks becaus... more
By Adrian, The Man
Music From Lebanon Wicker Park Festival

– all the shooting stars of Lebanon in one place.

At a time where certain artists pull Lebanon out of their tour plan, and music festivals disappoint by canceling, the Wicker Park Festival in Batroun stand out as The happening event of the year for lovers of Lebanese music. Junior Daou and his family have a nice piece of land right next to their house in Batroun overlooking the Mediterranean sea.... more
By @mrmatias
Adrian's Obsessions Lebanese Music Edition

The coolest, newest indie music from Lebanon.

People all over the globe are secretly messaging me to send them awesome music coming out of Lebanon and now that I've gathered tons of juicy fresh tunes I'm ready to publish them here! Of course you can always check out the latest in local music on our Radio Show as well. Now let's get to it. ... more
By Adrian
Nars X Rodarte
New York Fashion Week has come and gone once again and one thing is for sure, I'm fucking happy about it! Seriously, if you guys only knew the cray cray amounts of bloggers pinning and tweeting and facebooking and google +ing, and so forth, about fashion week you would definitely want to gouge your eyeballs out with hot needles and wear a potato sa... more
By Meghan O.
Beirut, Summer 2013 All the Parties Weekly roundup # 4
Here I sit overlooking the rooftops of Oslo while it's pouring down from the gray sky. It's that time of the year where all you want to do is to sit inside and drink red wine while being melancholic. I daydream about Lebanon, though Beirut somehow feels like an oriental dream in the distance. It's so different from where I am right now. It's almost... more
By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Layal & Adrian's Radio Show TODAY! With Wanton Bishops & Wicker Park Festival

Listen Live: 6-8Pm (Beirut Time) on

Today the ladies will have Beirut's most famous blues-rock band in the studio, Wanton Bishops! We'll also have a special representative from this weekends BEST home-grown music festival, Wicker Park, which last week's guests (below) Wake Island will be playing at! And lastly, your two favorite starlets will be chatting about all things under the ... more
By Adrian
Living In Lebanon A Survival Guide

Part 2: Dancing to the Beat of War Drums

Every once in a while, bored with the run-of-the-mill stress of daily life in Arabia, the Middle E Street Band gets together to bang away on the drums of war, sending everyone unacquainted with this fear-mongering power-grabbing tactic into a frenzy. Everyone will threaten to blow everything up if someone else blows something up for blowing somet... more
By Layal
72 hours of partying less than 72 minutes from Syria – Forest Frequencies Lebanon 2013

Exclusive Video from one of the most underground Raves in the Middle East!

This Summer in Lebanon has been hectic, with political turmoil spilling over from Syria causing car bombs to explode in Beirut and Tripoli, and US threats of bombing Syria have all taken the tension to new levels. This did not prevent hundreds of young Lebanese and foreigners from showing up at Forest Frequencies, an electronic music festival held ... more
By @mrmatias
Episode 14: Lovefools – Wake Island and Hamed Sinno in-studio
What happens when Lebanese-grown but Montreal's own psychedelic indie pop band WakeIsland are accompanied by Mashrou' Leila's Hamed Sinno in the studio! An amazing live performance, that’s what! This week, ... more
By 2famousTV
How To Leave A Rave And The Prisoner of Pakistan

I went from hiking down a mountain
to hitchhiking w/ a convicted prison escapee with a heart of gold.

There comes a point after a long night of partying when all you want to do is go home. At least, that’s the feeling I get every single time I’m out dancing for 10 hours and dirty as hell from hanging out in the forest. Two weeks ago we went to Forest Frequencies, the psytrance festival in Chahtoul, a mountainous area north of... more
By Adrian
Americans Protest Against Obama On the eve of the President's speech: Anti-war demonstrators take to the streets.
Once the golden child of global politics, President Obama has seemingly fallen from grace for his "I reserve the right and responsibility to act" statement he made recently regarding the vote put to congress to allow the U.S. military to strike Syria. Many Americans have called for their representatives to block the president's pro-war agenda and h... more
By Meghan O.
Weekly roundup # 3 Non-topics of Norwegian politics

It’s election on Monday, and no one is talking about how much the “Peace Nation” Norway sucks for everyone that’s not in Norway.

I wish I could have talked about something that had something to do with the real world, but I have been living in an isolated bubble for the past week. It's not my lack of access to the internet that has cut me off, nor is it that I've been occupied with setting up the 2famous.TV HQ in Oslo with Knut and Liza. True, I've been stressing around deco... more
By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Black Wire Magazine A Letter from the Editor And a Call for Submissions

Submit your short stories, flash fiction, and poetry

I needed a cut. I had tried a few different places but the one in Fassouh with the guy who just sits in a vinyl chair and occasional washes someone’s hair (the guy with the glass eyeball) was the oddest. The main groomer, the main socializer, the main trimmer of wavy black locks and fashionable facial hair, hung around with a pair of scissors in... more
By Contributor
My First Trip to the Middle East Hitchhiking Through Syria!

– We probably waited less then 15 min crossing the whole country.

These are sad days in the Middle East. Everyone is just waiting for the Americans to hit Syria. And everyone is scared of what will happen then. My friends in Syria are probably the ones that are most scared of all, and I can not forget my first meeting with the middle east, when Syria was the best country I had ever hitchhiked through and Aleppo b... more
By @mrmatias
Living In Lebanon A Survival Guide

Part One: Family Lunches

Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and with two suitcases containing the things I then felt were most important to me, I moved to Lebanon five years ago. Before I left California, my parents briefed me on the peculiar social norms I would encounter in my new home, but my Western sensibilities wouldn’t allow me to absorb the weight of their wisdom; I had t... more
By Layal
Sweden grants SYRIAN REFUGEES permanent residency

— as Nobel Prize winner Obama visits Stockholm beggin’ for Bombs For Peace

It seems no matter where 2famous.TV sets up HQ, our dear Syrian friends are hanging out in the neighbouring country.  While in Lebanon, we were delighted and rather humbled to have Syria and its beautiful land and people just an hour's drive away across the Bekaa. Now, as some of us have relocated to Oslo, Norway, our Syrian brothers and siste... more
By knutole
The Gays Know Where To Go: A New Club in Beirut
Maya is a Lebanese American raised in the Los Angeles area. She currently lives and works in Chicago as a dancer and a writer focusing on cultural communication and art. Hidden in plain sight had never applied so perfectly to any experience. The best party in Beirut is on a rooftop. It’s not Sky Bar, White, or any other hype-drive... more
By Contributor
Something's Cooking in Beirut With Maximiliano Parigi of Canaletto

Authentic delicious Italian food from a master chef

You know I studied in Italy once so I know my way around an Italian kitchen and I'm not kidding when I say Chef Max's food is as authentic and delicious as his style is badass. For the past 26 years Max has been cooking around the world sharing his gift of Italian cuisine -- starting in his hometown of Florence. The custom shark-Harley is easy on... more
By Adrian
And Let Me Guide You To The Purple Rain -You gotta get ultra violet to go ultra blonde!
To get away from trashy brass, make it rain purple baby! Put simply: this is the guide to take you from tacky porno blonde to naturally Swedish. Häftigt!! So let's get down to the brass tacks. (I'm going to fucking torture you with terrible brass puns.) ... more
By Meghan O.
Weekly Roundup #2 SYRIA

– everybody wants a piece of it.

I wish I was ignorant and lived in an isolated Norway. If so I would chose between headlines such as "Man over trimmed bushes next to highway", "Man arrested fo... more
By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Episode 13 - Meh, It's Probably Nothing...
This week we have storyteller Dana Barakat into the studio! Listen in as she shares stories about her family, especially her mother! Trust us, she's hilarious! Also, are we going to war? Adrian and I have no idea! Should we start getting worried? Listen in as we try to flesh out our options. We also talk about whether we would use the mooncup, ho... more
By Layal All you Need to Know about the Assassination of Assad the Assassin

– new website launched by 2famous.TV

I'm not going to talk too much about Syria now, as I kind of think that there is way too much talk about Syria anyways. Newspapers all over the world has been pouring out tons of truth, assumptions, and lies about what's going on – and what's going to happen. France and the UK are just dying to kill, while the UN is begging them to "give peace an... more
By 2famousTV
The Real Vigilantes Of Beirut

Episode 1: The Case of the Peeping Tom Car Thief

Sometime you have to take justice into your own hands. I felt like Dog the Bounty Hunter. As I was running across the street aiming at jumping onto the hood of my own car, I was thinking to myself, Is this real life!? Before we get into an existential debate, hop with me into the rabbit hole and back to the beginning. [caption id="attac... more
By Layal
Black Friday: The Day They Tried To Destroy Tripoli´s Spirit:

A young Tripolitan tells his story.

It was a Friday like any other. My friend and I were at a cafe chatting when suddenly we hear a loud explosion and the whole cafe moves. It was as if an earthquake had hit Tripoli. As we rushed outside to see what was going on, people started screaming that there was an explosion and I saw a big cloud rise over the buildings close to us. It was dis... more
By Contributor
Legally illegal in Lebanon This is how to do it

– getting your way around the visa problem

OMG, I just caught myself singing, Wooo hooo, I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien, I’m a Norwegian in Beiruuuuut, which makes me completely embarrassed of myself (trust me, it doesn’t even sound cute). And to be honest I’m neither an alien nor am I in Beirut, though I have been spending most of my time there since 2009 – without a ... more
By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Twitter, NYTimes HACKED by Assad's Electronic Army

Activists: Your Twitter login credentials are at risk! Beware & change your password!

So another reminder today—life online is dangerous and fragile.  Not only does the American Empire do everything in its power to read your innermost secrets online—today we are reminded that even small-time ... more
By knutole
Travel Warning: Don´t Go to the Free Beach In TYRE! Very Dangerous Waves!

First Anti-Charter Tourist Video in Lebanon!

Tyre is undoubtedly one of the most charming cities on the Mediterranean. It has been a favorite beachtown since Alexander the Great and his crew left Greece and its poor beaches behind, mostly to hang out on the infamous beach in Sur (Tyre). The city has lately been protected from the biggest hoards of Tourists, mostly due to its location within s... more
By @mrmatias
Explaining Vomit to a 5-Year Old At a PsyTrance Festival In the Lebanese Mountains

Absurd tales from the toilet at the most underground party in the Middle East

Dad: Alright Honey, there is some vomit on the floor of that toilet so you don’t have to go in there. Daughter: What is vomit, Dad? Dad: Vomit is the stuff that comes out when you throw up. Daughter: (Thinking) Why does someone throw up? Dad: It happens when some... more
By Adrian
Politics of the Middle East In A Nutshell
Hizballah is calling an emergency PR meeting; how did they not make the final cut? Tell us what think of this neatly packaged run down on the current Middle Eastern 'situation'?... more
By Layal
These are a few of my favorite things... A Wishlist For Fall
Yeah, whiskers on kittens and apple strudel are pretty kick-ass, but I've got something better just in time for all the September issues out there: ... more
By Meghan O.
Weekend roundup and road tripping with a cult leader

– crossing Norway in a car while worshipping a star

Last week Matias and Adrian, aka the Beirut HQ, decided to slap our lazy asses around and get us to produce more stories for the site. First of all I would like to use this opportunity to thank you M&A, and say that I welcome any initiative to en... more
By Jorgen Evil Ekvoll
Episode 12 - The Pop Star Among Us
This week on the 'two girls one mic bar/studio LIVE from Beirut radio show,' Adrian and Layal will have guest, Aziza, Lebanese Pop star and musical sensation whose album drops soon! She also stick around to discuss other predictably scandalous things like: how the hell do people deal with long distance relationships (Jorgo and Layal have been apar... more
By Layal
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